July 2017: Sweat Tea Cancer Connections website went live!

July 2017: Applied for Seattle Give Camp to create our App in Oct 2017. 

August 2017 & Ongoing: Spreading the word about the app and identifying others/opportunities/leads to join our efforts

August 2017 & Ongoing: Connecting with other pediatric oncology non profits to build relationships and identify natural partnerships.

Sept 2017: Moved website domain to www.sweetteaconnections.org

Sept 2017: Submitted internship posting to University of Washington's Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCDE) 

Sept 2017: Collaborate with HCDE's program fall and winter quarters to justify the need for the app, establish the evidence base that supports its development, and gain assistance with App design.

Oct 2017: Gathering team members to assist with non profit.

Ongoing: Continue to search for collaborators who can help create our app for Sweet Tea Cancer Connections.

Please see the Milestones we have met thus far below:

Check list2.jpg

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